Tin Coated Copper Strip For Solar Cell Welding


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Solder ribbon Tin coated copper strip for solar cell welding .Tabbing wire 430meters/Lot 1.6mm*0.2mm

  • Type: Solar Cables
  • Brand Name: ALLMEJORES
  • Model Number: 1.6*0.2



430m Tabbing Wire


Productions Description:

430m Tab wire 1.6mm*0.2mm (the size is normal size for most of solar cells)

For DIY Solar panel. solder monocrystalline /Polycrystalline solar cells.



1、Copper:Oxgen free copper; Copper content≥99.97%

2、Copper base resistivity:Oxgen free copper≤0.01724Ωmm2/m

3、Coating Comosition :60%Sn 40%Pb

4、Solder melting point:179-224℃

5、Coating tickness:0.01~0.04mm (Can be customized according to customer requirements),Double coating ;Uniform

6、Solder Tape elongation:Soft state ≥25%,Semi soft state≥15%

7、Width error:±0.05mm Thickness error:±0.005mm






1) 430M x Tab wire 1.6×0.2mm





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