Retail Security Solutions

With high customer traffic and large staffs (and high staff turn-over) bars and restaurants are particularly vulnerable to property crime, theft and vandalism.

All too often, CCSS security consultations find a bar or restaurant surveillance system to be lacking.

CCSS has extensive experience in the restaurant and bar video surveillance market. As a result, your surveillance system will reflect your very specific security needs.  Our CCTV and Security Camera solutions are best of breed providing economic and flexible solutions for all sized customers

CCSS security installations for bars and restaurants include:

Covert, high-resolution cameras to guard against employee theft.
Point-of-sale integration between video surveillance and cash registers/sales terminals.
Remote monitoring and recording capabilities so your establishment can be viewed offsite.
Real-time recording of up to 30 days of surveillance to insure your ability to retrieve and archive important events.
Recorded video file formats that are fully admissible to law enforcement and prosecution authorities.

A CCSS surveillance system will reduce property crime and theft, improve safety in and around your establishment, and maintain your public image as a safe, fun place for your customers.

Protect your bar or restaurant with the latest, state-of-the-art surveillance system.